Nicole and Chris | Raleigh, NC

Nicole is one of the most confident, reliable, and easygoing people I know. I am so thankful for her. She has been in my Bible Study for a few years now, and I remember the first time she ever told us about meeting Chris at a Halloween party. Nicole was a sheep. Chris was Oscar the Grouch. It was totally meant to be. :) She continued to tell us about him, especially because I loved to ask her questions about him. It has been so fun hearing about their love story from the very beginning.

Chris had just gotten out of the Marines in March of 2012. He was visiting his family in California for a few months, and Nicole went out to visit in May to see Chris and meet his family. While in California, they took a mini vacation to Lake Tahoe. The snow was knee-high deep, and is was bitterly cold. They hiked out to Lake Echo, which had completely frozen over and no one else was to be seen. They were just casually throwing rocks and walking through the dam. Nicole was quite chilly and asked if Chris was ready to head back to the car. He insisted that they stay and hang out a bit longer. Chris was secretly trying to get up enough nerve to pop the question. He finally got enough courage to ask Nicole if she would do him a favor. She turned to him, and he was down on one knee and asked if she would marry him. Of course she said yes. They even found some hikers, who were totally psyched for them and they were able to get a few pictures together on the lake! How cool! Pictures are important. :) Chris’ truck ended up getting stuck in the icy snow, and they ended up having to call a two truck to get them out. What an exciting day! They were able to call family and friends to tell them the good news while waiting on their tow!

Nicole and Chris love watching The Office together. A typical date night consists of a Redbox movie and dinner at home. They are pretty simple people, and I love that about them. Nicole loves Chris’ heart and how he is always willing to help others. He is able to laugh through anything and has an amazing outlook on life. Chris loves Nicole’s happy personality and her sense of humor. Nicole is going to be an amazing wife. She is one of the most faithful people I know.

Enjoy their engagement photos! I can’t wait to be a GUEST at their wedding in April!

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